HYIODINE 50 gram

HYIODINE 50 gram


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Hyiodine provides a completely new approach to the healing of complicated and chronic wounds, based on scientific knowledge about the natural process of tissue regeneration. The product uses the excellent regenerative properties of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural part of the human body. This substance is also found in increased amounts in the skin, where it ensures that the correct water content is maintained.
The iodine complex is also an important component. This complex allows the use of Hyiodine also in the healing of infected wounds. It helps to stabilize hyaluronic acid in the product and prevents its decomposition by bacteria. The amount of iodine in the product is very low compared to conventional iodine products, so it does not pose a risk of allergic reactions for patients.
Hyiodine is suitable for diabetic ulcers and deep wounds (cavities and fistulas), stagnant wounds or disintegrated surgical wounds.

Dosage and method of use

You can apply it in two ways:
For small defects, it is applied directly to the wound (preferably using a sterile syringe), and the wound is then covered with sterile gauze.
For the treatment of larger defects (more than 3 cm2), the gauze is fully saturated with the product, and then applied to the wound to cover it to the full extent. Additional layers of sterile gauze are then applied to the wound thus treated, which absorbs any secretion.
The dressing should be changed after one, maximum two days, depending on the secretion and the nature of the wound.


The preparation contains hyaluronic acid, iodine complex and other components.

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