Ortis Fructolax 24 Chewing Cubes counteract the constipation. -

Ortis Fructolax 24 Chewing Cubes counteract the constipation.


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The traditional Fructolax product contains the pith of the laxative fruit and helps to counteract the recent constipation.

Detailed product information

Regular and trouble-free emptying is one of the indicators of good health. Recently, however, constipation has been a frequent phenomenon . This is mainly due to the irregular food intake and its character, which results in a higher incidence of digestive disorders caused by insufficient representation of the necessary fiber (vegetables, fruits). Due to the low consumption of dairy products, a useful intestinal microflora is also lacking. 

Lack of active movement is another cause of digestive disorders. It is important to pay attention to digestive disorders. Suitable therefore are laxatives from natural ingredients, such as in a nutritional supplement FRUCTOLAX , which is composed mainly of fruit pulps with laxative effect, and which, due to their composition does not exhibit undesirable side effects.

The traditional Fructolax product contains laxative fruit pulp: fig, dates, tamarind, rhubarb and fiber, and 

organic laxative acids present therein . The complex of these substances is gentle to the intestinal useful microflora.
  • Fruit cube performers gently and effectively
  • it does not irritate, it only stimulates bowel function
  • suitable for both transient and chronic constipation
Ingredients: fig and date paste, plum extract, yogurt culture, rhubarb, tamarind. 

Packaging:  24 cubes 

Instructions for use: 
Adults and children 12 years and older:  1 fruit cube in the evening, drink plenty of liquid.

Not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of the reach of children!

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