TraumaPet photocatalytic pets deodorant and cleaner 200ml

TraumaPet photocatalytic pets deodorant and cleaner 200ml


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TraumaPet deo is a water-based nanotechnological agent containing titanium dioxide, which, when illuminated, initiates a photocatalytic effect, generating radicals such as hydrogen peroxide, ozone, oxygen and other hydroxyl groups, which destroy complex organic odor and impurity molecules. It has the same effect on pathogens. The effect is long lasting in weeks.
Especially suitable for surgeries, waiting rooms, hospital boxes, pens for dogs and places where dogs and cats most often rest in apartments and houses. Also for disinfection and odor removal in cars where animals are transported. Wherever we need to remove biological odors and disinfect the designated area.
Package contains 200 ml.

Dosage and method of use

Spray onto the surface to be treated evenly moist. Particularly suitable for absorbent surfaces. It is necessary to activate the light - solar or artificial - preferably lamps, LEDs. The effect is noticeable with a slight delay (hours to days depending on the intensity of the illumination).


The preparation contains water and titanium dioxide.

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