Beurer BC 32 Wrist Pressure Gauge -

Beurer BC 32 Wrist Pressure Gauge


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Stay on top of your pressure and its changes over time. Company Beurer produced practically gauge BC 32 , which is designed for measurement of pressure from the wrist. The device is fully automatic, so you do not need to adjust anything manually. It can create an average of both morning and evening measurements over the last 7 days, or you can choose to show the average of all saved measurements. Both the current pressure and the statistical averages can be seen on the clear display. The internal memory holds up to 60 measurements for two different users, totaling 120 values.

Arrhythmia detection signaling

The device will warn you of arrhythmia detection if there is a potential for a rhythm of heart rhythm. You can always be sure that the measured values ​​are accurate and correct, because if any error occurs, the pressure gauge will detect and signal it. After a few seconds of inactivity, the device automatically turns itself off to save battery power. These are two types of AAA and can be found in the package, so you do not have to buy extra.

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