Leros PULMORAN tea for upper respiratory diseases 20x1.5 g -

Leros PULMORAN tea for upper respiratory diseases 20x1.5 g


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Medicinal tea Pulmoran is used as an auxiliary medicine for upper respiratory diseases . It has an antibacterial effect and facilitates coughing . It is also suitable for gargling and inhalations . Its use is based solely on the experience of traditional use. It is intended for adults and adolescents from 12 years. Due to the sage content, it is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.


Pour a ¼ l of boiling water over the infusion bag. Leave to infuse for 15 minutes in a covered container. The tea must not be brewed, always prepare fresh, immediately before use. You can sweeten it with honey (no gargling or inhalation). Take 1 cup of tea 3 times a day.

Take no more than 10 days without consulting your doctor. If symptoms worsen or do not improve within 5 days in adults or within 3 days in children, consult a doctor.



1 infusion bag (1.5 g) contains: sage leaf (Salviae officinalis folium 0.225 g), marshmallow root (Althaeae radix 0.225 g), stem cotton (Polygoni avic. Herba 0.225 g), thyme stem (Thymi herba 0.225) g), nettle leaves (Urticae herba 0.225 g), fennel (Foeniculi fructus 0.150 g), elderberry (Sambuci nigrae flos 0.075 g), plantain leaf (Plantaginis folium 0.075 g), liquorice root (Liquiritiae radix 0.075 g).


If you develop fever, shortness of breath or purulent mucus while taking the medicine, consult your doctor. The product contains sage, which may affect your ability to drive and use machines. Do not drive or use machines if your attention is affected.

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