Magister Doskar

It's been about 20 years since I was struggling with strange problems in my visual function. Imagine you have large black holes in your field of view! Parts of reality just don't exist. Over time, you become dizzy, your coordination of movements is impaired, and you often reach into nothing. Well, that's what happened to me then. And although as a pharmacist I had a comprehensive overview of the conventional range of medicines on offer, I couldn't find anything that could help me. At that time I met the Graz doctor and homeopath Dr. know Siegfried Wagner. After the usual anamnesis and a short period of reflection, he recommended that I take the homeopathic medicines Ambergris 3X and Iris 6X. And the unexpected happened: after a few days my ailments were healed, my optical holes were, so to speak, overgrown. This key experience brought me to homeopathy.

In his function as a general practitioner in Graz and in Hengsberg near Wildon, Dr. Siegfried Wagner also uses homeopathy and acupuncture as a supplement to conventional medical therapies. 
He is the godfather of the Mag. Doskar homeopathy series. I'm happy to call him a friend now.

Dr. Siegfried Wagner should continue to be my companion. In the months that followed, we jointly developed a series of homeopathic combination remedies that can bring lasting relief, improvement and healing for the majority of everyday ailments. The compositions of these homeopathic medicines are based primarily on tried-and-tested formulations that can be found in Dr. Wagner's homeopathic practice had stood the test of time over the years. These compound homeopathic remedies are primarily used to treat illnesses that are easy to identify. Conventional medicinal medicines and homeopathic remedies are not opposed to each other, but often have to be used side by side in the sense of a complementary supplement.

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