A-derma Exomega Control skin gel 200 ml -

A-derma Exomega Control skin gel 200 ml


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Softening foaming gel gently cleanses the dry skin of both children and adults, soothes and moisturizes. Does not contain soap. Favorable pH helps the skin's natural defenses.

Detailed product information

Exomega CONTROL foaming gel is used to soften and strengthen immunity to very dry to atopic skin . The product is suitable for children and adults. It gently cleanses and leaves a soft, relaxing scent on the skin. Once applied, a silky soft foam is formed to soothe and moisturize the skin. The ideal pH supports the natural strength and health of the skin.


- gently cleans dry skin

- suitable for children and adults

- reduces skin scratching


The softening foam gel does not contain soap, so there is no irritation or unpleasant itching even in users with sensitive, soft and very dry skin. Dermatological and pediatric tests show that the gel is also suitable for use in infants and young children who are prone to atopy, as well as in adults.


Massage the gel into the skin of the whole body and make it a gentle scented foam that will wash away dirt and sweat from the body. Then rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly.

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