Ancient + Brave Coffee + Grass Fed Collagen 250g

Ancient + Brave Coffee + Grass Fed Collagen 250g

Acient + Brave

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Coffee + Grass Fed Collagen is a six-component metabolic optimizer, composed of the purest natural resources produced in an ethical way. Premium quality and product composition is optimized for an ideal start to the day, both as an effective prolongation of intermittent fasting ( Brave Method ) and for strengthening, revitalizing and restarting the body in a standard regimen, or before starting any physical activity (balanced and effective stimulation) . You can enjoy the unique taste of selected Brazilian coffee in a highly effective synergistic mixture, which consists of six bioactive ingredients: 
  1. BIO coffee from Brazil  = immediate stimulation of the nervous system = mind and body
  2. Grass fed collagen peptides from Brazil  = building block for skin, nails, hair, connective tissues, mucous membranes (2000 mg per dose)
  3. BIO RAW cocoa from Peru  = superantioxidant, source of many minerals and antioxidants, fight against oxidative stress
  4. BIO Siberian ginseng  = adaptogen, support of the whole organism in a long-term perspective, resistance to stress and strain
  5. BIO dandelion  = detoxification and regeneration of the liver, antioxidant
  6. BIO baobab  = source of vitamin C = immunity, resistance to stress, natural source of potassium
Our sophisticated blend rich in bioactive grass-fed collagen peptides has a distinctive nutty taste (with hints of cherries and chocolate) and is full of nutrients including regenerating Siberian ginseng and mildly sweet raw cocoa with a high content of theobromine.
Grass Fed True Collagen is a crystalline pure collagen hydrolyzate derived from free-range grass-fed cows in traditional farms. It is a product from organic farming with a minimum carbon footprint. A gentle production process is used for the isolation and subsequent enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen. The result is a selective collagen hydrolyzate which, due to its quality and purity, hardly finds competition.
In Ancient Brave Coffee + Grass Fed Collagen you will not find any artificial sweeteners, dyes, preservatives or other artificial substances that do not occur naturally in nature. It is a supplement composed exclusively of natural ingredients.
+ Premium quality 
+ A total of six bioactive ingredients: BIO Brazilian ground coffee 65%, grass-fed collagen 20%, BIO RAW cocoa, BIO Siberian ginseng, roasted BIO dandelion root, BIO baobab
+ Ethical and environmentally friendly production (sustainable - organic farming)
+ 100% natural composition
+ Accredited quality: Soil Association
+ GMO free
+ rBGH / rBST free
+ Gluten free
+ Sugar free
NO Big agrobusiness 
The morning cup of coffee is a favorite ritual of each of us - it effectively stimulates the mind and body. When we add other ingredients that can strengthen the body and provide fuel, we get a complex drink that vitalizes the body, but at the same time does not vacuum it. Bioactive collagen peptides are a building material for the whole body needed almost everywhere (skin, wound healing, muscles, hair, nails, intestinal wall, ...), Siberian ginseng is an adaptogen revitalizing in the long run, dandelion acts against oxidative stress and promotes detoxification and Regenerating liver tissue, theobromine in raw cocoa offers a synergistic stimulating effect, and baobab is a super-rich source of vitamin C and, thanks to its high potassium content, allows the removal of excess water from the body.
+ Encourages, nourishes and revitalizes
+ Balanced and clean stimulation before the start of physical exercise
+ Extends and optimizes the period of intermittent fasting (Brave Method)
+ Suitable for diet, keto diet and paleo diet
Also available in a  package for intermittent fasting .
Coffee + Grass Fed Collagen can be used alone or as part of an intermittent fast according to the so-called  Brave Method . Intermittent fasting is a very old method of eating based on the concept of cycling a larger time window without food and less time with food. The research and personal experience of the authors of  Brave Method  clearly show that intermittent fasting has clear positive effects related to physical and mental condition, optimization of body weight, optimization of metabolism and mental abilities. Thanks to intermittent fasting, it is possible to literally reset the metabolism - thanks to allowing the body to take a break from constantly digesting food, we will give it room to regenerate. This will significantly increase your condition in all aspects.
This type of diet is especially suitable for a modern person with a sedentary job and above all it is true that, unlike all kinds of drastic diets, it does not devastate the organism in any way. Weight optimization is a welcome side effect of intermittent fasting, but it is not its only goal. This is to strengthen the overall physical and mental condition.
The Brave method  is a specific type of intermittent fasting suitable for everyone, but especially for individuals with a sedentary way of work, or. for individuals over 30 years of age, when it is appropriate to apply the product preventively with increasing age to supplement important connective amino acids (skin, ligaments, joints). While some fasting programs are too demanding, the Brave Method is designed for everyday use, by any individual and without any complicated preparation.
The aim is:
+ Optimize body weight
+ Help metabolism in the repair and renewal of connective tissues, skin and ligaments
+ Help metabolism in cleansing
+ Feel better physically and mentally
+ Strengthen mental condition
Why grass fed collagen and a synergistic six-component mixture?
Grass fed collagen peptides are so-called structural proteins, whose stimulatory impact on metabolism is minimal and whose main function is the renewal of structural proteins in binders (skin, wound healing, muscles, hair, nails, intestinal wall, ...). That is why it is the ideal protein for intermittent fasting using the Brave Method, because during intermittent fasting, our body has time to renew, cleanse and restructure.  Siberian ginseng offers a strong revitalizing effect, dandelion counteracts oxidative stress and promotes detoxification and regeneration of liver tissue, caffeine from Brazilian coffee and theobromine in raw cocoa offers a balanced stimulating effect, and baobab is a super-rich source of vitamin C and high potassium content to remove excess water from the body.
Another important factor is the premium quality of the product, ie its absolute purity, without the content of artificial sweeteners, residues and ballast components. If our body cleanses, why not give it only the best
How to do it
If you last ate at 19:00 and had another meal at 7:00 in the morning, that's great - you've been fasting for 12 hours. We recommend extending this time window to 14 to 16 hours. And repeat for 3 to 7 days throughout the week. To avoid the feeling of hunger, just use our mixtures. They will satisfy you very decently and help the metabolism to work for a long time without unwanted fluctuations. You will feel better thanks to them.
Last light meal in the evening at 19:00. Then in the morning instead of breakfast:
Option No. 1:  this variant is suitable for all individuals who are used to only a small and light breakfast, or. for individuals who skip breakfast, because even here the mixture is important due to the optimization and restart of metabolism.
  • Basic mixture: 2 teaspoons of Coffee + Collagen or  Cacao + Collagen  and 250 ml of hot water.  The mixture can be enriched with 1 to 2 teaspoons of Grass Fed True Collagen if a higher intake of grass fed collagen is required  .
  • Next meal at 9:00 at the earliest
  • Gradually move to 11:00
Option 2:  this option is suitable for all individuals who are used to a richer morning breakfast.
  • Basic mixture: 2 teaspoons of Coffee + Collagen or  Cacao + Collagen , then add 1 teaspoon of  True MCT  and 250 ml of hot water. The dose of MCT can then be increased to 2 teaspoons after testing for trouble-free digestion.  If a higher intake of grass fed collagen is required, it is possible to add 1 to 2 teaspoons of  Grass Fed True Collagen .
  • Next meal at 9:00 at the earliest
  • Gradually move to 11:00
Note: Intermittent fasting is currently one of the healthiest and most gentle methods of weight loss, vitalization and metabolism optimization worldwide. During this period of intermittent fasting, the body is given optimal space for restart, vitalization and detoxification. Within the Brave Method, it is a gentle and healthy method at regular intervals for 14 to 16 hours, supplemented by a classic balanced diet, ie a healthy complex diet during the day = the golden mean in the long run.
About the Ancient Brave brand
With Ancient Brave, you will indulge in the luxury of crystal clear and at the same time maximally effective products, based on ancient knowledge about efficient eating. They offer an ethical and healthy alternative to the current trend of radical diets, which have a devastating effect on the body in the long run. With Ancient Brave in a natural way and without harm to health, you optimize weight, but also restart optimal physical and mental condition. Two successful women are behind the quality of the premium British brand: Annelie Whitfield, an acclaimed Hollywood stuntwoman who has been involved in naturopathy and herbal medicine for the past 15 years, and Kate Prince, an experienced media specialist. The Ancient Brave brand is currently one of the absolute leaders in the UK market in the premium range focused on quality and demanding customers.
Packaging:  250 g
Dosage:  Prepare a cup of drink from 2 - 4 scoops (10 - 20 g) in a French press (manufacturer's recommendation) and 250 ml of hot water. (Note: A dose of 10 g of Coffee + Grass Fed Collagen corresponds to the amount of caffeine in one classic ground coffee bean, a dose of 20 g corresponds to the amount of caffeine of double coffee). The pack contains 25 doses.
Intermittent fasting (Brave Method):  In the case of the Brave Method, you can add 1 teaspoon of True MCT and 250 ml of hot water. The dose of MCT can then be increased to 2 teaspoons after testing for trouble-free digestion. Another option is to add 1 teaspoon of True MCT and 1 teaspoon of quality butter. The mixture can be further enriched with 1 to 2 teaspoons of Grass Fed True Collagen.
Preparing coffee in a french press:  It is really very easy to prepare a cup of our delicious coffee with grass-fed collagen, Siberian ginseng and other ingredients from the french press. Put the required number of measuring cups in the container. Then pour boiling water over it, mix thoroughly and cover the container with the upper part with the filter. We then press the coffee with collagen about 2 cm below the surface and wait less than 4 minutes. We then slowly press the sieve to the bottom, wait a while and then we can pour the coffee into a cup, all important and bioactive ingredients are already extracted. Coffee from the French press must always be poured all at once, we must not leave it in a container with grounds.
Warning:   Store in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children. Use within three months of opening. May contain traces of nuts.  

Nutritional information:
 Number of doses in the package: 25 x 10 g
 100 g
 Energy value
 1481 kJ / 355 kcal
 9 g
  of which saturated fatty acids
 3.51 g
  of which monounsaturated fatty acids
 0.76 g
  of which polyunsaturated fatty acids
 4.34 g
 22.12 g
  of which sugars
 0.5 g
 30.05 g
 31.25 g
 0.18 g
Ingredients:  organic Brazilian coffee (65%), hydrolyzed grass fed collagen (20%), organic raw cocoa from Peru, organic Siberian ginseng, roasted organic dandelion root, organic baobab. 80% of the product content is in organic quality. 

Mixture for the preparation of a beverage containing coffee (ground beans) and hydrolyzed grass fed with bovine collagen. 

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