Acqua dell' Elba Classica Donna Eau De Parfum

Acqua dell' Elba

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*** This product is packed without cellophane from the manufacturer. ***

The feeling of summer breeze in the hair, the sun's rays on the skin and the sound of lush sea waves. Acqua dell 'Elba Classica Women Eau de Parfum evokes a pleasant, sunny Mediterranean atmosphere, where everything has its time and you can focus only on yourself.

  • refreshing floral scent with water elements
  • ideal scent for women who love life
  • charming essence full of charm and energy

Scent composition The
very airy and authentic fragrance composition is composed of ingredients that can be found on the island of Elba. It all starts with a pleasant refreshment of the senses thanks to mostly citrus essences. Then you will be enchanted by the dreamy blend of intoxicating labdan with gardenia, which is gently complemented by aromatic myrtle and sensual jasmine. The depth of the scent is added by the tones of wood that the sea has just washed ashore. 

The story of fragrance
The inspiration for the women's fragrance Acqua dell 'Elba Classica Women is a mysterious island somewhere in the Mediterranean. The aroma of flowers and the sea here encourages our senses and perceptions of time and ourselves. Let yourself be transferred to the hot beach, where the sea will cool you down.

Acqua dell 'Elba perfumes are inspired by the charm of the Mediterranean. Each perfume contains ingredients that can be found directly on the island of Elba. It is an authentic, airy, charming and fresh scent that will take you to the shore of a mysterious island in an instant. It is said that Paolina Bonaparte, Napoleon's sister, even fell in love with its atmosphere and especially the aroma of the local nature.

At that time, Paolina had the idea to produce unique perfumes that could boldly compete with traditional French perfumes. The Acqua dell 'Elba brand decided to follow this idea. Thanks to this, customers all over the world can fully enjoy the extraordinary scents of Acqua dell 'Elba, which are designed with passion for the island of Elba.

Acqua dell 'Elba products are made in a small laboratory in Marciana Marin. Acqua dell 'Elba perfumes evoke memories of a pleasant holiday in harmony with nature and the sea. Acqua dell 'Elba fragrances are designed for those who like simplicity, transparency, purity and transparency.

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