Alavis CURENZYM Enzyme Therapy 20 capsules -

Alavis CURENZYM Enzyme Therapy 20 capsules


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An enzymatic veterinary preparation containing a specially selected mixture of plant enzymes designed to promote tissue healing and to enhance immunity, especially after injuries and surgery, and to support treatment with antibiotics and for the treatment of tumors.

Detailed product information

100% plant enzymatic veterinary product

Enzyme therapy is the therapeutic use of enzymes. Preparation  ALAVIS CURENZYM ™ Enzyme  contains a special blend of plant enzymes. Plant enzymes have an advantage over their animal enzymes in their higher activity and are active at a broader pH range, making it possible for plant enzymes to be active in the stomach, unlike animal pH.

Enzymes are complex substances of a protein nature that perform an important function of biocatalysts in the body - they allow and regulate all processes without which biochemical reactions in the body could not take place. Unlike other drugs, natural enzymes do not interfere with the manifestations or agents of a particular disease, but they mobilize the immune system to deal with the disease or its threat as best as possible.

Enzymes in  ALAVIS ™ CURENZYM Enzyme Therapy  suppress inflammation, reduce swelling and swelling of the lymphatic vessels, affect some immunological events in the body and act as a supportive agent for cancer treatment and the like.

We recommend:

  • For tissue support and healing
  • After injuries and operations
  • To strengthen immunity
  • In inflammation
  • For support in antibiotic treatment and in the treatment of tumors


Enzymes: Bromelain, Papain, Peptidase, Pancreatin Analog 4 ×, Protease, Rutin

Active ingredient content in one capsule:

  • Bromelain (Ananus comosus) - 150 mg (22,500 PU)
  • Papain (Canica papaya) - 150 mg (27,000 PU)
  • Pancreatin Analog 4 × - 100 mg (10,000 USP protease, 10,000 USP amylase, 800 USP lipase)
  • Rutin (Sophora japonica) - 50 mg
  • Peptidase - 25 mg (600 HUT)
  • Protease –25 mg (6.250 HUT)
  • Triglycerides –3 mg

The capsule is composed of gelatin and water.


Small breeds of dogs and cats 1 - 5 kg 1 capsule Once a day
Small breeds of dogs 5 - 15 kg 1 capsule 2 times a day
Medium breeds of dogs 15 - 30 kg 2 capsules
Large breeds of dogs 30 - 45 kg 3 capsules
Giant breeds of dogs 45 kg or more 4 capsules

Method of use:  Capsules can be divided and mixed with a small amount of feed. Serve at least 30 minutes before serving.

Duration of use:  Duration of administration of ALAVIS ™ CURENZYM Enzyme therapy depends on the indication.

  • To support post-operative soft tissue healing, give about 5-7 days before surgery and then for 2 weeks
  • After bone surgery, etc., give 5-7 days before surgery and then 4-6 weeks after surgery
  • To support tissue healing after injuries depending on the extent of tissue damage - soft tissue or small damage 2 weeks, more extensive tissue damage 3 weeks, bone tissue 4 - 6 weeks
  • For support in cancer - long term
  • For inflammation, give 3-5 days after the symptoms disappear
  • For viral or bacterial diseases, give 3-5 days after the symptoms disappear


Do not use in low blood clotting or in individuals with increased fibrinolysis (dissolution of blood clots). Do not use with known hypersensitivity to any of the excipients.

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