Alavis Sanicell 60 capsules for liver regeneration, immune support, and support for cancer treatment -

Alavis Sanicell 60 capsules


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Alavis Sanicell is a veterinary medicine for liver regeneration, immune support, and support for cancer treatment. Also suitable as a supplement in the treatment of urinary stones.

Detailed product information

Veterinary medicine for liver regeneration, support of immunity and support of cancer treatment

Sanicell ™  is a patented blend of Inositol, IP6 (inositol hexaphosphate) and Ca 2+ -Mg 2+ , which complement each other in a positive effect, enriched with vitamin C and selenium. The main importance of these substances is in strengthening the body's immunity, enhancing protection against cancer and in significant antioxidant and detoxification capacity.

Sanicell ™  is significantly involved in the process of apoptosis (cell death) in a cancer cell. The cancer cell is peculiar in that it does not accept the apoptosis signal, and Sanicell ™ is one that is able to "impose" this apoptotic signal on the tumor cell, while this cell will not become an ordinary cell, it will remain undesirable, but it can be forced to end Natural killer cells, which are white blood cells capable of killing such an unwanted but deadly cell, are used to further destroy cancer cells, and the activity of these "natural kills" is increased when Sanicell ™ is administered.

Sanicell ™  is also a powerful antioxidant, preventing the proliferation of free radicals. Furthermore, it is also a proven effective agent for suppressing inflammation.

The specific effects of Sanicella ™ include its ability to balance excess minerals from the body. In this way it helps to prevent the formation of urinary stones and can also significantly affect the metabolism of iron and copper (these two elements are not always positive and desirable as they promote the formation of free radicals). In order not to cause the loss of essential calcium and magnesium ions, these ions are part of it.

Effects of Sanicell ™:

  • It helps to slow down the rate of excessive and uncontrolled cell division
  • It promotes proper cell physiology
  • Supports the activity of so-called natural killer (NK cells)
  • Helps to suppress inflammation
  • It is a powerful antioxidant
  • It amplifies apoptosis (natural programmed extinction) of cancerous cells
  • Promotes metastasis inhibition
  • It supports the activity of the liver and nerve cells

We recommend:

  • To support cancer treatment
  • To support immunity
  • For liver regeneration
  • To lower cholesterol and triglycerides
  • As a supplement in the treatment of urinary stones


Active substance content in one tablet:

  • patented Sanicell - 500 mg
  • vitamin C - 20 mg
  • selenium - 14 mg
Excipients: calcium carbonate, silica, titanium dioxide gelatin, magnesium stearate


Dog weight, cat Daily dose
1 - 5 kg 1/4 - 1/2 capsule
5-10 kg 1/2 - 1 capsule
10-20 kg 1 - 2 capsules
20 - 30 kg 2 - 3 capsules
30 - 40 kg 3 - 4 capsules
40 - 50 kg 4 - 5 capsules
50 - 60 kg 5 - 6 capsules
60 - 70 kg 6 - 7 capsules
70 and more kg 7 - 8 capsules

Method of use:  Capsules are administered daily according to the recommended dosage in the animal's mouth or with a piece of food. The capsule can be divided and the contents mixed with water or a piece of food. Administer at least 30 minutes before the diet.

Duration of use:  Not limited in time. No long-term side effects have been reported with long-term administration.


In the case of cancer, the daily dose may be doubled up to three times at the start of administration.

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