Alcohol tester JOYCARE JC-224

Alcohol tester JOYCARE JC-224


  • $67.50

The JOYCARE JC-224 Duecento24 digital alcohol tester, a medical device, is a compact, accurate and reliable alcohol tester. Measuring range 0-2 per mille (g / l). No calibration required during operation. Easy operation for everyday use. The alcohol tester has a backlit display and an audible signal> = 0.5 g / l. Measurement time 8 seconds.

To obtain the most reliable results, it is recommended to wait 45 minutes after consuming the last alcoholic beverage. After 45 minutes, the alcohol is completely absorbed into the bloodstream.

Do not use any chemical cleaners for cleaning, wipe the device gently with a damp cloth. Do not immerse the device in water or other liquids.

The package contains:
- Device
- 2x test batteries 1.5V DC (type AAA)
- CZ- instructions

Weight of the device with battery approx. 50 g.

Dosage and method of use

Use whenever, as needed. For the highest accuracy of results, it is recommended not to smoke, do not eat menthol candies, chocolate or take medication before breathing. Do not continue to use the device immediately after drinking alcohol, as this may damage the sensor in the device. In the event of such use, the device is not covered by the warranty and no claim will be accepted.


Dispose of this product or used batteries in accordance with local regulations for disposal of the product. Under no circumstances should the device or discharged batteries be disposed of in municipal waste. Dispose of the product at the nearest waste yard or store where the product was purchased.

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