Allergo CHECK rapid test

Allergo CHECK rapid test

Allergo CHECK

  • $50.50

The AllergoCHECK rapid test can be used to detect antibodies against various airborne allergens and thus confirm existing allergies. As a rapid immunochromatographic test of self-testing. The test detects elevated levels of IgE antibodies specific for cat hair, house dust mites, and grass pollen from a blood sample. If specific IgE antibodies are present against said allergens, they bind to the membrane-fixed allergens and are subsequently visualized with colloidal gold-labeled anti-IgE antibodies. This creates a visible red line on the relevant allergen line.

Package contents: 1 test cassette in a sealed package (IgE specification e1, d1, g6), 1 portable pipette, 1 disposable ampoule with sample dilution buffer, 1 automatic sterile lancet for convenient blood collection, 1 disinfectant alcohol pad, 1 patch, 1 instructions for use.

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