Alpa Francovka 60 ml -

Alpa Francovka 60 ml


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Alcoholic solution of natural plant essential oils, some of their content substances (menthol, linalool, nerol etc.), but also other aromatic substances.

Detailed product information

Use: As a proven home remedy, it is suitable for its effective ingredients to alleviate a number of unpleasant pains in joint and muscular rheumatism, cold and flu diseases - drop a few drops of ALPA into lukewarm water and gargle, inhalation - inhaling essential oils from the ALPA franchise brings relief in cold, flu, catarrh, colds, breathing problems in smoky areas, removing total fatigue after extraordinary stress on the body, sprains, sprains and bruises - rubbing on sore spots, after physical exertion or sports performance, disinfecting small abrasions and wounds , for reflexology massages for rheumatic muscle pains, as a refreshing bath remedy, after diluting with water for compressions, for rinsing the mouth - very effective in all mouth infections, gingival bleeding, oral odor,teeth wobbling and periodontitis, breath freshening and gargling, headaches - instil the ALPA franchise into the nape, on the temples and rub into the skin, with great pain - it is possible to use tiling.

Composition :

Alcohol Denat., Menthol, Aqua, Ethyl Acetate, Ethyl Formate, Perfume, Cinnamal, Eugenol

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