American Crew Grooming Spray 250ml

American Crew Grooming Spray 250ml

American Crew

  • $45.50

Men's shaping spray American Crew Classic Grooming Spray gives the hair the necessary elasticity and strengthening. It perfectly fixes and shapes the hair. The contained panthenol and Aloe Vera provide hydration to the hair and maintain its moisture. Hair does not electrify and is protected from sunlight. They have a natural look and shine. The spray can be used both when combing and when finishing the hairstyle. It washes easily and does not leave sticky residue in the hair.

Bring your hair to perfection with American Crew Shaping Spray!


  • fixes and shapes
  • adds flexibility and shine
  • hydrates
  • has an antistatic effect
  • protects against UV radiation


  • Aloe Vera - maintains moisture in the hair and scalp.
  • Panthenol - supplies the necessary nutrition and hydration.
  • Acrylic copolymers - add flexibility.

Hair type:
For gray hair and fine hair related to electrification.

How to apply:
Spray on damp or dry hair. Shape your hair with a comb or brush.

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