AngelSounds JPD 100S Mini Smart FETAL DOPPPLER


  • $192.50

  • The fetal heart rate detector (complement) is used in gynecological and obstetric practice to listen to the baby's heart in the mother's womb. 
  • Final heart rate monitoring allows you to evaluate the proper intrauterine development of the baby. 
  • Prenatal interception SPD – 100S Mini is a small device, portable, designed to detect the heart rate of the fetus. 
  • Listening AngelSounds JPD-100s mini SMART is a medical device with an international MED-CERT certificate. 
  • The device is packed in a solid box with a magnet. 
  • Listening to your baby's heart - the fetus' heart can be heard in the early stages of development, but from 12 weeks onwards it is clearly audible. 
  • Angelsounds JPD-100S mini SMART allows you to listen to the heart rate of the fetus through headphones. 
  • ATTENTION! An ultrasound gel is required to use the detector. 
  • Warranty: 2 years.

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