AnOxident balance Oral Gel 50 g

AnOxident balance Oral Gel 50 g

AnOxident balance

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AnOxident balance Oral Gel, a medical device, is a soothing oral gel enriched with bioactive milk and plant extracts with a clinically proven DUOX system, reduces the effect of excessive glucose in saliva, increases antioxidant levels and promotes natural balance in your mouth.
The viscous texture creates a barrier against the effects of excessive glucose concentration in saliva.
The oral gel is used at night when it forms a barrier that prevents the formation of salivary glucose on and around the teeth, especially in diabetics. Intensive moisturizing ingredients take care of the oral cavity during the night and improve comfort in the mouth.

The package contains 50 g.

Dosage and method of use

Apply the oral gel with your finger to the lower and upper gums before going to bed. Alternatively, repeat during the night, especially if you feel dry in your mouth. Do not rinse. The gel can be used under prostheses.


AnOxident balance Oral Gel contains Excipients, sodium polyacrylate, polyacrylic acids, xylitol, milk protein extract, Cucumis melo, milk substrates, Lactoferrin- NFQ, APO Lactoferrin- NFQ, Aloe vera leaf powder.

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