Aptus Reconvalescent Cat paste 60 g

Aptus Reconvalescent Cat paste 60 g


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Aptus Reconvalescent Cat energy supplement paste with amino acids and vitamins is intended for cats of all breeds from 4 months of age to supplement energy and missing important substances. It is given after surgery, during and after a period of anorexia, in cases of anorexia, malnutrition and starvation. Cat food supplement Aptus Reconvalescent Cat paste is processed in the form of fat and three essential amino acids, which allow conversion to taurine and arginine, the lack of which in starving cats can cause serious health complications. The tasty supplement covers the deficiency of vitamins that arise in the intestines and liver, provides energy and prevents weight loss. 

Key properties of the food supplement for cats Aptus Reconvalescent Cat paste, 60 g

  • Designed for cats of all breeds to replenish energy and important substances
  • Aptus Reconvalescent Cat energy supplement paste is processed into a form of tasty fat
  • With amino acids and vitamins
  • Aptus Reconvalescent Cat is given to thin, malnourished cats or animals with anorexia
  • It supplements energy, vitamins and other important substances and prevents further weight loss
  • Also suitable for cats at risk of liver lipidosis and heart failure
  • With unique anti-inflammatory properties that reduce starvation
  • Aptus Reconvalescent Cat food supplement prevents the deterioration of hair and skin

chicken fat 51.3 g (51.3%), glucose 13.3 g (13.3%), hydrolyzed collagen 10.0 g (10%), goat's milk 20.5 g (20.5%) , glyceryl mono / distearate 2.33 g (2.33%), taurine 833.3 mg (0.833%), L-carnitine 833.3 mg (0.833%), Arginine 333.3 mg (0.333%), vitamin A ( E 672) 10.6 mg (0.0106%), vitamin B1 6.6 mg (0.0066%), vitamin B3 16.7 mg (0.0167%), vitamin B6 10 mg (0.01%) , vitamin K 0.01 mg (0.00001%), vitamin E 500 mg (0.5%)

Analytical components:
protein 16.5%, carbohydrates 20.7%, fats 58%, water 4.8%, ash 1.4%

Recommended dosage:
1 tube containing 30 g per 4 kg body weight, 1 tube weighing 60 g per 8 kg body weight, (7.5 ml per kg body weight). Use as needed for up to 7 days. For prolonged use, give half the dose and consult your veterinarian. For cats fed a purely vegetable diet, keep in mind that Aptus Reconvalescent Cat Paste will not completely cover the required amount of amino acids. Longer-term administration (longer than 1 week) in animals with hepatic or renal insufficiency should be consulted with a veterinarian.

Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature (15 - 25 ° C). Once opened, use within 4 days.

60 g

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