Arianna Baby-Vac 2 Ergonomic Mucus Aspirator -

Arianna Baby-Vac 2 Ergonomic Mucus Aspirator


  • $37.50

Vacuum Cleanable Mucus Baby Aspirator - An Indispensable Help in Trouble with the Rhinitis

Detailed product information

Vacuum Cleanable Mucus Baby Aspirator - Indispensable Helper with 

Baby-Vac 2 Ergonomic - Effective and Hygienic
  • it uses the continuous suction power of the vacuum cleaner, which will dampen it to the required size
  • it also extracts the so-called "rhinitis" from the nasal cavities and nasopharynx very effectively
  • Compared to oral aspirators, the risk of infection between parent and child is substantially reduced
Baby-Vac 2 Ergonomic - Safe
  • it is unbreakable because it is entirely made of high quality polycarbonate
  • it contains no glass parts
  • is non-toxic
  • it has a wide, smooth extension that cannot be inserted deep into the nose to damage the mucosa
  • is certified as medical device CE 0123, tested by TÜV
Baby-Vac 2 Ergonomic - practical
  • it is detachable and therefore very easy to clean
  • it can be plugged into any home vacuum cleaner up to 1800W
  • use is very simple, fast and effortless

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