Aromatica Comfrey Ointment 100 ml muscles, tendons, joints -

Aromatica Comfrey Ointment 100 ml muscles, tendons, joints


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Traditional ointment for massage of muscles, tendons, joints

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The traditional comfrey ointment, which is based on lard processed to meet pharmacopoeia requirements, has its origins in medieval medicine. Its advantage is very good spreadability with the possibility of creating a very thin layer that does not prevent skin breathing. Due to the similar composition of pork fat with fats contained in the human body is very well absorbed. The absence of dyes and perfumes reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

  • to massage muscles, tendons and joints

  • to treat hardened or chapped skin

Comfrey ( Symphytum ) - One of the most well-known and widely used folk remedies for wound healing and bruising. The plant was attributed the ability to accelerate the healing of bone fractures - hence the name of the plant. 

Eucalyptus Globulus
Essential oil is obtained from leaves of the eucalyptus globulus. The essential oil of the leaves contains eucalyptol, which acts against bacteria. Reduces muscle tension and cramps.

INCI: Adeps Suillus, Cera Alba, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Limonene *.

*) part of natural oils

Application: 1-2 times a day as a gentle massage.

Packaging:  100ml

Pour 2–3 times daily into the affected areas as a gentle massage. 

Storage: Do not
store above 25 ° C. Use by the date indicated on the package. 

In people with sensitive skin, we recommend checking the compatibility of the ointment by rubbing a small amount into the skin before application. 

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