Aromatica Marigold ointment 50 ml varicose veins, leg ulcers, bedsores and regeneration of damaged skin -

Aromatica Marigold ointment 50 ml varicose veins, leg ulcers, bedsores and regeneration of damaged skin


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The traditional marigold ointment is based on lard processed to meet pharmacopoeia requirements. Its advantage is very good spreadability with the possibility of creating a very thin layer that does not prevent skin breathing. Due to the similar composition of pork fat with fats contained in the human body is very well absorbed. The absence of dyes and perfumes reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

  • a beneficial effect on varicose veins, leg ulcers and bedsores
  • to regenerate damaged skin
  • for massages

Active Ingredients: 
Calendula ( Calednula officinalis ) - One of the most versatile plants. It adorns many gardens, as well as culinary recipes. Similarly, the carrier of medicinal properties. Essential substances of marigold are essential oils, saponins, bitters, carotenoids and salicylic acid. The herb is usually used externally. In the form of ointments, it is applied to leg ulcers, varicose veins, bedsores and bruises, also in relieving inflammation. 

Lavender essential oil ( Oleum lavandulae) - Essential oil obtained from Lavandula officinalis. The herb has long been used for its healing properties, which is represented by lavender oil containing linalool ester, geraniol, borneol, alpha-pinene, etc. The essential oil has an antiseptic effect. Another possible use is against the pain of insect bites, nettle burns, or minor burns in general. Essential oil is also used in aromatherapy for massage and rheumatic problems. 

Vitamin E ( Tocopheryl acetate ) - A natural antioxidant that effectively protects cells from oxidative stress and the effects of free radicals, helping to slow down the aging process. Its effect is also manifested in wound healing. 

Pour 2–3 times a day into the affected areas as a gentle massage. 

Store below 25 ° C. Use by the date indicated on the package. 

In people with sensitive skin, we recommend checking the compatibility of the ointment by rubbing a small amount into the skin before application. 

Opaque plastic container with a 50 ml screw cap. 

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