Artdeco Magic Fix lipstick fixator 5ml

Artdeco Magic Fix lipstick fixator 5ml


  • $39.50

From now on, your favorite lipstick will only stay where you applied it, and never again on the edge of your caffè latte glass. Artdeco Magic Fix is ​​a magical helper that protects your make-up lips with an invisible shield. It prevents lipstick from being printed on glasses, scarves or shirt collars and ensures its long-lasting durability.


  • closes the color on the lips, prevents it from smearing and imprinting
  • fixes and ensures all-day endurance of all types of lipsticks
  • makes lipstick unpredictable and waterproof
  • nourishes and soothes the skin of the lips


  • bergamot oil - has a floral-fruity aroma and relaxing effects
  • Lavender oil - has nourishing and soothing properties

How to apply:
Contour the lips, apply lipstick and lightly dry the lips with a cosmetic wipe. Then apply the fixative to the upper lip with one application brush and to the lower lip with the other stroke. Apply it over the contours of the lips. Then let it dry with your mouth ajar. You may feel very fine tingling during application. Artdeco Magic Fix is ​​not suitable for highly creamy and glossy lipsticks.

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