AU-MEDIC pain blocker 4pcs

AU-MEDIC pain blocker 4pcs


  • $29.50

AU-MEDIC pain blocker medical device is a revolutionary and unique product on the market that reduces sensitivity to pain. Its advantage is non-addiction and high safety without side effects. The main and only component are microscopic crystals of pure silicon, which are located in the central part of the crystal tap.
After sticking to or above the site of pain according to the instructions for use, microscopic crystals of pure silicon by the piezoelectric effect interfere with the transmission of the nerve signal of pain to the brain and by this physical mechanism reduce the feeling of pain.
Package contains 4 pcs.

Dosage and method of use

Peel off 1 crystal tapu as indicated and apply it to or above the site of pain. First apply 1-2 crystal taps and add more if necessary. Usually 2-4 crystal taps are sufficient.
The application must be done correctly and to the place where the nerve itself leads. The basic rule is to apply each separate crystal tape about 2-3 cm above the pain or directly to the pain. If there is no relief within an hour, the crystal tape needs to be pasted / moved to another location. It is possible to apply multiple crystal tapes at once.

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