Aurovitas HemaGel NEW 100g

Aurovitas HemaGel NEW 100g


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HemaGel NEW is a hydrophilic gel containing a polymer network intended for the healing of both acute wounds such as superficial wounds, including burns I and II. grade and postoperative wounds, but also chronic wounds such as shin ulcers, bedsores and skin defects in patients with diabetes.
HemaGel NEW chemically binds oxygen radicals generated during the wound healing process, covers the wound from secondary infection from the outside, optimizes bacterial colonization of the wound, forms a flexible mechanical protective layer on the wound and supports the wound healing process.

The package contains 100 g.

Dosage and method of use

  • Clean the wound of mechanical impurities, such as dust particles, remnants of previous medical materials, which could subsequently irritate and damage the wound.
  • Apply a thin layer of gel (approx. 1 mm) over the entire area of ​​the wound bed with a slight overlap on healthy skin. The gel adheres to the base of the wound and gradually absorbs secretions and other fluids from the wound.
  • Cover the wound with a non-absorbent material (eg greasy tulle available at the pharmacy) and then fix with a bandage or gauze square and plaster. Cover minor injuries with a pillow patch after applying the gel.
  • When dressing, gently rinse the remaining gel and dirt from the wound with a stream of water, then dry the wound and reapply a thin film of gel.
  • Carry out the dressing as needed after 12 - 48 hours. Always according to the condition of the wound and the leakage of the secondary covering or the instructions of the caregiver. For chronic wounds, the longest possible interval between dressings is recommended.


HemaGel NEW is a hydrophilic gel containing the patented polymer IPN, which has polymer-bound sterically shielded amines in its structure. The other ingredients are Macrogol 300 and purified water.


Use in children, pregnant and lactating women is recommended in consultation with a doctor.

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