Avene Xeracalm AD Relipid Balm 200 ml -

Avene Xeracalm AD Relipid Balm 200 ml


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Relipidation balm effectively soothes very dry skin and skin with a tendency to atopic eczema, irritation and itching. It is designed for infants, children and adults.

Detailed product information

Do you have very dry skin or do you have atopic eczema? Do you suffer from itchy, irritated or reddened skin? The XeraCalm AD relipidation balm has been specially formulated for very dry skin and effectively nourishes the symptoms of atopic eczema with its nourishing formula . By using a relipid balm your skin will calm down, get the optimal amount of nutrition and you will feel more comfortable overall. The balm is suitable for infants, children and adults.


  • reduces itching and soothes irritated skin
  • relieves symptoms of atopic eczema
  • nourishes very dry skin
  • leaves the skin soft and supple
  • strengthens the skin barrier


The balm contains a complex of I-moduli® based on 12-year scientific research. It relieves itching and soothes redness and irritation of hypersensitive skin . CER-OMEGA lipids contribute to the renewal and nourishment of the skin and strengthen the protective skin barrier. Avène thermal water has soothing properties, reduces discomfort, counteracts irritation and softens the skin. The balm does not contain preservatives, parabens, alcohol or perfume ingredients, is non-comedogenic. It was developed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.


Apply the balm gently 1 to 2 times a day to pre-cleaned dry areas of the face and body. You can combine the balm with XeraCalm AD

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