B.Braun Diveen incontinence aid trial pack

B.Braun Diveen incontinence aid trial pack


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Diveen is an intravaginal medical device for women with urinary incontinence, mainly due to stress incontinence. Significantly reduces the risk of uncontrollable urine leakage. Trial package.

Diveen is an intravaginal medicine intended for women with urinary incontinence, especially due to stress incontinence. Easy and simple to apply, it is used similarly to a tampon. Provides discreet protection for up to 12 hours. It is not necessary to remove the device during the day, even when visiting the toilet. Each piece of Diveen can be used twice according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

The test package contains 1 × Small size, 1 × Medium size and 1 × applicator. If you already know which size suits you, we recommend purchasing a classic package with five pieces 

How does Diveen® work?

Diveen is designed to support the inner wall of the vagina in the area below the bladder neck. The weight of the bladder during increased effort, such as sports, laughter or coughing, exerts pressure on the flexible ring of the device and subsequently the solid part closes the urethra, thus significantly reducing the risk of urine leakage.

What are the safety precautions that should be followed when using Diveen?

  • Remove the device in the evening after one day of use.
  • Remove the device in the evening after one day of use.
  • Do not use the device at the same time as using local medicines and aids inserted into the vagina (suppositories, globules, pessaries, etc.).
  • Clean only with water and neutral pH soap. Do not use cleaning products or washing soaps.

The product is intended for adult women over 18 years of age. It cannot be used during pregnancy, after childbirth, during menstruation and sexual intercourse. Please read the instructions for use carefully. Please consult your doctor about the most appropriate way to deal with incontinence.

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