B.Braun Prontosan Wound gel X 50 g

B.Braun Prontosan Wound gel X 50 g


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Prontosan Wound Gel X is a hydrogel that cleanses and moisturizes acute and chronic skin wounds or burns. Prevents biofilm formation.

With the help of Prontosan gel for wounds X, you remove dirt, germs from the wound and retain moisture in the wound. This will prevent the infection and support the process of natural healing. 

When to use Prontosan Wound Gel X?

  • For acute skin injuries, such as abrasions, bites, lacerations, cuts, stab wounds, frostbite.
  • For thermal, chemical and irradiation burns: 
    • superficial (first degree, I),
    • superficial, in partial thickness (second degree, IIa),
    • deep, in partial thickness (second degree, IIb),
    • in full thickness (third degree).
  • After surgery to prevent infection in the surgical wound.
  • For chronic wounds, such as shin ulcers, bedsores, diabetic foot, and other complicated, inflexible, and difficult to heal wounds.

Prontosan Wound Gel X contains a unique combination of the  antimicrobial agent polyhexanide  and the  surfactant betaine .

These ingredients can disrupt the structure formed by bacteria (biofilm) and prevent its recurrence. According to the results of tests, Prontosan gel for wounds X creates an effective barrier that limits the penetration of microbial organisms through the dressing. It is manufactured in Switzerland  by B. Braun Medical AG.


Prontosan gel for wounds X is suitable for the prevention of biofilm, which occurs in more than 90% of wounds.


Benefits of Prontosan Wound Gel X 

  • Antimicrobial barrier to prevent infection in the wound.
  • Painless application and easy to use, does not stain.
  • Removes biofilm.
  • Highly viscous, thanks to which it holds well even on large wounds.
  • Dermatologically tested, well tolerated by allergy sufferers.
  • Facilitates bandage change.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging. Free of PVC, phthalates and latex.


How to use Prontosan X Wound Gel?

In order to achieve optimal healing results, we recommend that you first thoroughly clean the wound with Prontosan Wound solution and only then apply the gel. For minor and acute wounds, rinsing is sufficient. 

Apply the gel to the wound to form a continuous layer (film) on the wound bed. The layer should extend slightly over healthy skin. Cover the wound with a non-absorbent material to prevent absorption of the gel and drying of the wound. Then fix the bandage with a bandage and plaster. Repeat after 12-48 hours or as directed by your doctor. Prontosan gel X may remain on the wound until the next dressing. Depending on the frequency of dressings, different amounts of Prontosan  gel are applied  to the X wounds . The wound surface should be kept moist to ensure adequate cleaning and decontamination .  


The procedure of treatment of chronic wound in nine steps

  1. Apply Prontosan Irrigation Solution directly to the bandage to painlessly remove the cover.
  2. Carefully remove the bandage.
  3. Soak, for example the pad in Prontosan Irrigation Solution and use it to clean the wound and its surroundings. 
  4. Soak the clean gauze square in the solution again, apply it to the wound and leave it to act for approximately 15 minutes until the surface of the wound is disrupted.
  5. Use a square to remove any remaining debris from the wound.
  6. Apply Prontosan Wound gel X.
  7. Cover the wound with a non-absorbent material to prevent absorption of the gel.
  8. Fix the cover.
  9. Repeat after 12-48 hours or as directed by your doctor.



Please read the instructions for use carefully before use , as this contains information on the risks associated with the use of the medical device and other important information.

Please consult your doctor about the most suitable treatment.

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