B.Braun syringe Omnican 40 | 1 ml / 40 IU 30GX12 | 100 pcs

B.Braun syringe Omnican 40 | 1 ml / 40 IU 30GX12 | 100 pcs


  • $50.50

  • square cylinder shape
  • secure grip
  • dark blue scale with large numbers
  • contrasting and abrasion resistant
  • easy-to-operate piston plug with double sealing ring
  • for dosing even very small amounts of insulin
  • for slow filling and injection safe piston stop trouble-free filling up to the maximum volume
  • does not contain PVC
  • pack of 100 pcs


 Latex-free: All variants of Omnican insulin syringes are made from latex-free materials.

  • Piston stop: prevents the piston from slipping out of the syringe barrel and thus losing medicine.
  • Accurate and safe dosing: a large, easy-to-read scale allows for safe dosing.
  • Thanks to the completely clear body of the syringe, the presence of any air bubbles can be easily detected.
  • Diameter 0.30 mm for 8 and 12 mm long needles: Needle diameter from 0.30 mm.
  • To eliminate the risk of accidental intramuscular administration, we offer all syringes with a short 8 mm needle.
  • Thanks to the specially hardened and triple-ground needle with a silicone layer, you will hardly feel the puncture The needle does not lose its sharpness even with repeated doses, the punctures are less painful
  • Guaranteed sterility: protective caps on the ends of the syringe guarantee sterility.

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