Babystart FertilCheck Female Fertility Test 2 Pcs -

Babystart FertilCheck Female Fertility Test 2 Pcs


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Helps comfortably in the privacy of home to find out female fertility.

Detailed product information

The test is intended for single home detection of female fertility. An indicator of female fertility is the sexual hormone FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), which promotes the formation of ovarian cells containing eggs, the so-called follicles, and the production of estrogens. Based on a simple test, FertilCheck determines the presence of this hormone in the urine . The test is simple and fast, with 99% accuracy.

We recommend women with irregular menstruation, women who cannot get pregnant for a longer period, and women over 35 years of age. The FSH hormone rises in women in transition when a woman ages. Higher FSH levels are a warning of poor fertility. The test result will help you plan the next steps in time to get closer to your dream goal - pregnancy


Remove the test strip from the protective film. Remove the purple cover and attach it to the other end for easy holding. Hold the test by the purple cover and hold the exposed portion in the urine stream for 10 seconds. Avoid contact of the control and test windows with urine. Then close the exposed part with a purple cover and place it on a horizontal surface. Wait 5 minutes for the result. Do not read results for more than 10 minutes.

  • positive result - you have a high level of FSH, the test line (T) is the same or darker than the control line (C), repeat the test in 5-7 days
  • negative result - you do not have a high level of FSH, the test line (T) is lighter than the control line (C), or does not appear at all, a good prerequisite for getting pregnant
  • invalid result  - no comma appears

You can do the test at any time of the day. We recommend postponing testing in case of menstruation.

Reading result:

  • A negative test means you don't have a high FSH hormone, it's a good sign for pregnancy .
  • However, if you have irregular menstruation or menopause symptoms, we recommend that you see a doctor.
  • If the test is positive, repeat the test in 5-7 days .
  • If both tests are positive, it means that you have a high FHS hormone level, you should see a doctor if you want to get pregnant.
  • High FSH is also a sign of menopause. If you have symptoms such as irregular menstruation, etc., see your doctor.
  • If the second test is negative, it means that the FSH level is not high, it is a good indication for pregnancy.


Read the instructions for use carefully before use.

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