Barny's Effective Anti lice treatment 60 ml -

Barny's Effective Anti lice treatment 60 ml


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Effective hair care for lice. The product is gentle, natural, does not damage hair, has high efficiency and low price. Also included is a special patented patented professional comb and protective cap.

In our opinion, one of the most effective, most economical and most economical products on the market for baby lice. Barny's Effective is an effective, fast and gentle aid when a school or child camp needs to restore hair hygiene. The package also includes a comb and a cap.


Hair care product for lice

  • It facilitates combing lice and nits.
  • Contains oil from Tea Tree Oil from Australia, which has been used for decades to fight everything. Barny's Effective helps to relieve the sticky bond between nits and hair, increasing the combing efficiency. For combing lice and nits, an effective metal lice comb is included.
  • Natural, non-toxic.
  • Does not contain pesticides.
  • For all hair types and all editing styles.

Composition / Ingredients:

Aqua, Tea Tree Oil, Essential Oils: Ylang-Ylang, Eucalyptus, Citronella, VitaminsPolysorbate 20.

Package contains:

  • Barny's Effective 60 ml solution
  • comb "all-round" with long teeth
  • a protective cap that holds the solution on your hair

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