BAYBY BBP 1010 Electric breast milk pump

BAYBY BBP 1010 Electric breast milk pump


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Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful, but at the same time the most demanding periods of every fresh mother. There is no closer connection with a child than if you can feed him with your own body and supply him with the necessary nutrients for the proper development and strengthening of immunity. But breastfeeding is not always easy. The baby often cannot suck, and when his teeth begin to grow, this activity becomes painful. In these cases, it is recommended to switch to feeding from baby bottles. Bayby has produced an electric two-phase breast pump for mothers, with which you can easily get your baby's food into a baby bottle.

Suction of milk is painless with the device. Set the stimulation phase and the suction phase. You have a choice of nine stages, so you can easily adjust the operation of the hood to your own preferences. You simply perform the control on the LCD display controlled by a microchip. The breast attachments are made of silicone, which is very pleasant to the touch and does not irritate the skin. During the operation of the breast pump, the air is separated from the milk, thanks to which there is no backflow of milk.

The breast pump is light and compact, so you can carry it everywhere with you and pump milk, for example at work or on a trip, whenever needed.

Technical parameters:

  • 2 phases - adjustable stimulation phase and suction phase
  • 9 vacuum intensities for stimulation and 9 vacuum intensities for aspiration
  • LCD screen controlled by a microchip
  • Silicone massage breast attachment 3 in 1
  • Separation of air and milk
  • Microchip control.
  • The power adapter and power supply with 4 AA batteries allow use at home and on the go
  • Possibility of using bottles with a wide neck and narrow bottles
  • No parts contain BPA (Bisphenol A)

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