Bella NIGHT Care Decollete mask with gel 25 ml

Bella NIGHT Care Decollete mask with gel 25 ml

Bella NIGHT Care

  • $85.50

Are you going to an important meeting and want to look great? Refresh your skin with a lifting and anti-aging mask, which will moisten your skin with moisture and increase skin tone . The skin of the décolleté will be hydrated, turned off and will look fresh . The Bella Night Care décolleté mask provides a professional, very intensive disposable anti-aging treatment. It is intended for all skin types, especially for dry skin or with signs of wrinkles.

It strengthens the skin and increases its tone

The serum-based hydrogel contains a unique combination of 2 types of beta-glucan, hyaluronate with a high ratio of low-molecular HA and collagen. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid has the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and thus ensure its hydration. It has a strong anti-aging effect. Beta-glucan type A increases skin tone, improves the conditions for collagen production and thus fills wrinkles from the inside . The package contains a Dermal net mask, a glass with hydrogel serum and a ceramic bowl by Thun.


  • perfectly hydrated skin
  • the skin is turned off and refreshed
  • hydrolyzed collagen improves the structure and smoothness of the skin


Low-molecular hyaluronic acid: very short HA chains in exceptionally high concentration, penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, ensure its hydration and have a strong anti-aging effect; high-molecular hyaluronic acid: remains on the surface and softens and protects the skin; beta-glucan A: increases skin tone, soothes irritated skin, improves conditions for collagen production and fills wrinkles from the inside; beta-glucan B: protects sensitive skin; hydrolyzed collagen: improves the structure and smoothness of the skin.


Before application, cleanse the skin of the décolleté or treat it with a skin tonic. This will remove the oily film and sweat, which reduce the absorption of active ingredients into the skin. Place the still folded mask in a bowl and let it be soaked in with hydrogel serum. Apply to the décolleté, lightly smooth the fingertips and leave on for about 50 minutes. If you need to apply makeup immediately after applying the mask, wash your skin with clean water or tonic. Use the mask regularly as a regular part of cosmetic care, ideally once a month. With regular use, the anti-aging effect is prolonged. You can suitably supplement the décolleté care with Bella Night Care Gel-Cream for everyday use.


Use the mask on intact skin without wounds or obvious inflammation. Do not go in direct sunlight with the mask applied. Cleansed skin is not protected against UV radiation and would be exposed to unnecessary stress.

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