Bellasin Balance 40+ 120 capsules menopause symptoms relief helps burn fat -

Bellasin Balance 40+, 120 capsules


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At the time of menopause, various unwanted manifestations occur, which make life difficult for most women in their forties. We bring you the new Bellasin balance 40+, which has an innovated composition for even better effect. Be pampered and don't let your hormones affect your metabolism.

Detailed product information

Benefits of Bellasin balance 40+:

- Relieves menopause symptoms

- Promotes fat metabolism - helps burn fat

Bellasin balance 40+ is a product specially developed for women in their forties . With age, the female body produces less estrogen and progesterone hormones . These changes in the biological processes of the female body can cause unpleasant symptoms such as hot flushes, impaired concentration, fatigue, mood swings and sleep disorders . As a result, metabolism slows down, leading to water retention, weight gain and increased fat deposition in high-risk areas.

Bellasin balance 40+ contains phytoestrogens from Red Clover, Linseed and Soybean and Adaptogens from Sorbet in combination with thermogenic substances from Guarana, Green Tea and L-Carnitine. Guarana is commonly used to promote fat metabolism , which helps to control weight, and also suppresses hunger . Green tea extract with EGCG helps burn fat and prevent accumulation. Green tea also helps protect breasts and ovaries from oxidative damage. Bellasin 40+ also contains essential Vitamin D and Calcium for solid bones .


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