Bepanthen Sensiderm Cream 20g -

Bepanthen Sensiderm Cream 20g


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Bepanthen ®  Sensiderm cream relieves itching and redness of the skin, naturally restores the protective skin barrier, hydrates and regenerates.

Detailed product information

Bepanthen Sensiderm Cream is a medical device.
Effectively against eczema

Bepanthen® Sensiderm cream relieves itching and redness of the skin:

  • It naturally restores the protective skin barrier.
  • Intensively hydrates and regenerates.
  • It can be used for a long time.
  • It is suitable for the youngest children, for pregnant and nursing women.

Begin applying Bepanthen® Sensiderm Cream at the onset of eczema when the skin is scaling and itchy. 

What does Bepanthen® Sensiderm Cream contain?

  • LLT ceramides - lipids with skin-like structure (lipid lamellar technology)
  • 3.5% dexpanthenol
  • natural care lipids
  • glycerine

Bepanthen® Sensiderm Cream does not contain coloring or perfuming agents. 

Bepanthen® Sensiderm Cream due to dexpanthenol and the skin's own moisturizing agents (such as glycerin) increases skin hydration, providing optimal conditions for natural skin hydration and regeneration. 

When to use Bepanthen® Sensiderm Cream? 
Eczema: redness, itching, dry skin. 

Apply Bepanthen® Sensiderm Cream already at the beginning of eczema, when the skin is scaling and it starts to itch. 
In the acute phase of eczema, Bepanthen® Sensiderm cream can be applied as a recommendation given by the doctor. 
When the unpleasant manifestation of eczema subsides.
TIP: Bepanthen® Sensiderm Cream can also be applied when skin irritations of a different nature are present if symptoms of redness, itching and skin dryness are present (eg due to allergic reaction).

How to use it? 
Bepanthen® Sensiderm Cream is a lightweight cream for stabilizing and repairing the skin barrier, intensively moisturizing and regenerating. 

Apply Bepanthen® Sensiderm Cream in a thin layer to the red and itchy areas of the skin. 
Apply Bepanthen® Sensiderm cream several times a day as needed. 
Bepanthen® Sensiderm Cream can be used for a long time. 
Bepanthen® Sensiderm Cream is suitable for the youngest children and adults and can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

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