BETADINE ointment 100 g -

BETADINE ointment 100 g


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Betadine ointment acts against bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. It is used for burns, abrasions, cuts and lacerations, skin infections.

Detailed product information

Betadine ointment has an antiseptic and disinfecting effect . It is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Betadine is used for burns, cutting and torn wounds, abrasions. Mast Betadine can be used by adults, adolescents and children from 6 months of age. Newborns and infants up to 6 months only at the recommendation of a physician.


The ointment is applied in a thin layer on dry, dry skin 3-4 times a day. In the case of a severely inflamed or throbbing wound, ointment can be applied 4-6 times a day. Intervals between doses should be at least 4 hours. The wound may be masked according to the extent and severity of the injury. Treatment may take several days. Do not take Betadine Ointment for more than 7 days without consulting your doctor.


The active substance is povidone iodinate (iodinated povidone) 100 mg corresponding to 10 mg of active iodine in 1 g ointment.

The other ingredients are sodium bicarbonate, macrogol 400, macrogol 1000, macrogol 1500, macrogol 4000 and purified water.


The cloth is intended for use on the skin. Do not use near eyes.

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