Beter Hair Detangling Brush Elipsi XL - Black


  • $42.50

Beter Detangling Brushes Elipsi XL hair brush is specially designed for all women for whom hair care is a lifelong passion. Great for treating all hair types in both wet and dry conditions . The result is beautifully shiny and perfectly groomed hair . You will also love the pleasing design of the brush, including the well-thought-out workmanship. The brush is washable, so it is very easy to clean.

Main features:

  • helps to comb hair gently and quickly
  • leaves hair soft and perfectly groomed
  • in elegant black design

Hair care as in a hairdressing salon

The flexible brush head adapts playfully to the contours of your head. The bristles easily slip through the hair, gently comb it and prevent it from tearing. The open construction of the brush allows your hair to dry faster .

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