Beurer FC 49 face cleansing brush

Beurer FC 49 face cleansing brush


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In order for the skin to be healthy and beautiful, it is very important to clean it every day . The Beurer FC 49 sonic face brush will become your inseparable helper in skin care. It cleanses, hydrates and massages your skin in a moment . You can choose from  15 levels of vibration intensity and 3 cleaning zones . It is waterproof , so you can use it in the shower, it is light and works well. It is powered by a high-quality battery, thanks to which the device lasts up to 4 hours on a single charge. It is made in a modern design from high-quality hygienic silicone , which is resistant to bacteria and very gentle on all skin types .

2 in 1: cleansing and massage

The BEURER FC 49 face cleansing brush works on the principle of 2 in 1: it deeply cleanses and massages at the same time . Vibrations support blood circulation in the face, strengthen and wash away impurities. It removes make-up residues, removes dead cells, blackheads and cleans pores. At the same time, it contributes to better absorption of skin creams, reduces fatness and eliminates the formation of acne. The silicone protrusions have 3 different zones, from the softest to the most intense , so that you can deal with each part of the face individually. The BEURER FC 49 facial cleansing brush is a modern way of skin care for everyone who suffers from a youthful and well-groomed appearance.

Main features:

  • for daily deep cleansing and massage
  • high quality hygienic silicone
  • waterproof - can also be used in the shower
  • 15 adjustable intensities
  • The indicator light clearly shows the battery status and the speed of vibration

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