Beurer FT 65 Multifunction thermometer 6in1 1 pc

Beurer FT 65 Multifunction thermometer 6in1 1 pc


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The FT 65 multifunction thermometer from Beurer offers six functions in a single device. It can measure body temperature, whether you prefer measurements on the forehead or in the ear. He can also measure the temperature on the surface of objects, the temperature of the environment and liquids. Whether you need to know the data of any person or object, you will find it literally in a second; for a thermometer, 1 sk is enough to determine the exact value with a minimum deviation, which in humans reaches a maximum of 0.3 ° C and in objects 1.5 ° C. If the measured temperature is approaching fever or even falls within this range, you will be notified by an optical alarm. The red color of the LED indicates a fever, green means that everything is fine.

Automatic shutdown

In addition to the current temperature, you will also see the date and time on the large and easy-to-read display. The data is stored in the internal memory with a capacity of 10 entries. After a few seconds of inactivity, the device automatically shuts off to save battery power. You don't even have to buy it before you start using it, because it is directly part of the package.  

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