Beurer MP 70 paraffin wax and foil

Beurer MP 70 paraffin wax and foil


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Do you suffer from cracked and dry skin on your hands, elbows or feet? Moisturizing body creams and lotions often do not fix this problem. Try the Beurer MP 70 set, which contains paraffin wax and foil. Pamper your body with a procedure that will make your skin soft and supple . It is very easy to use and you can handle it without difficulty at home.


Paraffin wax is directly intended for dry and cracked skin. Use it topically on affected areas of the skin, such as the elbows, hands and feet. The wax generates heat, which helps to open the pores so that moisture can flow freely and get deep into the skin, where it stays.


Dip the treated areas briefly - for about two seconds - in liquid paraffin wax to coat it. Remove and allow the wax to solidify. Then wrap the foil in place so that the wax holds it firmly in place and can act locally on the desired parts of the body. Let it work for twenty minutes, then remove the wax from the skin.

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