Beurer PO 35 Pulse oximeter


  • $105.50

Oximeter with heart rate monitor in a new design. The Beurer PO 35 Pulse Oximeter is used to measure blood oxygenation and heart rate by simply placing it on your finger. Using the infrared light, it illuminates the enclosed finger and, depending on the color of the hemoglobin that carries oxygen in the blood, determines the oxygenation of the blood with high accuracy. The measured data is clearly displayed by a color display with adjustable brightness and automatic horizontal / vertical rotation . A small and light helper especially for patients  with lung or heart problems or people with low blood pressure . It is also suitable for sports activities, such as high-altitude hiking or sport aviation, where you can actively respond to current blood oxygenation, which decreases at higher altitudes . The package includes a holding strap and 2 AAA batteries.

Main features:

  • determination of arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate (pulse rate)
  • simple and completely painless measurement
  • easy-to-read color display with 4 display formats
  • the display is oriented automatically (vertical format, horizontal format)
  • graphic display of the pulse
  • especially suitable for people with lung and heart disease
  • ideal for travel, a practical aid for sports activities at higher altitudes
  • low battery indicator
  • automatic shutdown
  • the package includes a holding strap, a belt case and 2 x AAA batteries

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