Beurer Test Strips for Beurer GL 44 / GL 50 2x25 pcs -

Beurer Test Strips for Beurer GL 44 / GL 50 2x25 pcs


  • $68.50

The easy-to-use disposable test strips are designed to be used in conjunction with the Beurer GL 44 or GL 50 meter. The kit contains a total of 50 strips divided into two packs of 25 pieces.

Detailed product information

Glucometer is a useful tool that helps diabetic users to measure their current blood sugar regularly and regularly. In addition to the device itself, however, you also need other accessories to measure, to make the data accurate and to make the measurements completely hygienic. One of these supplements is test strips. The company Beurer created a package of test strips that are intended for glucometers this brand, namely models Beurer GL 44 and GL 50 .

50 pcs

The package contains a total of 50 test strips, which are divided into two packages of 25 pieces. The products are coding-free, so they are suitable for use anywhere and anytime, they are perfect for any home for children and adults. They are easy to handle and the meter can quickly and accurately process the results that you will have within a few seconds. 

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