BIBS Pacifiers Natural Rubber Size 3: 18+ months, Blush Night / Vanilla Night 2pcs

BIBS Pacifiers Natural Rubber Size 3: 18+ months, Blush Night / Vanilla Night 2pcs


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Are you looking for a lost pacifier in the dark and your baby is crying? The BIBS Color Natural Rubber pacifier is equipped with practical lighting in the dark, so you can easily find it and immediately calm the child. 

A high-quality pacifier promotes a similar tongue placement and sucking technique to breastfeeding and prevents irritation around the mouth. No more fumbling in the dark, you and your child will notice the luminous handle. And it will be calm!


  • adapts and shapes to the child's palate and oral cavity
  • supports natural breastfeeding and proper development of gums and teeth
  • resembles a mother's breast in shape and size
  • prevents the accumulation of moisture from saliva
  • gentle on the delicate skin around the baby's mouth
  • light shield and soft round pacifier, glow in the dark handle
  • recommended by midwives
  • ideal for children aged 18 months and up


  • natural sustainable rubber latex
  • shield made of 100% safe material, BPA free
  • meets the European standard EN 1400+A2

How to use:
Always choose the Color Natural Rubber pacifier in a size corresponding to the child's current age. After cleaning and sterilization, water may remain inside the pacifiers. Squeeze the pacifier flat and squeeze out the water. To activate the light, hold the pacifier on the light for 5 seconds. The pacifier will glow for more than 8 hours.

Shade pink, nude
Material rubber
Age from 18 months

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