Biokap Nutricolor Crema Balsamo Restoring Shampoo 250 ml -

Biokap Nutricolor Crema Balsamo Restoring Shampoo 250 ml


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Relive the feeling of soft, soft and vital hair with a natural refreshing shampoo. BIOKAP Nutricolor Restoring Shampoo is designed for colored hair and hair just after dyeing. It gives the hair exactly the care they need. The shampoo contains herbal substances that provide extremely gentle hair cleansing . At the same time, they strengthen the hair fiber, which makes the hair volume and finer. Natural ingredients also revitalize the scalp. The willow extract prevents color washing.


  • provides gentle hair cleaning 
  • guaranteed soft and fine hair
  • the hair is nourished and protected 
  • revitalizes the scalp 
  • prevents color washing 


Biokap contains 92% natural ingredients, BIO argan oil and Tricorepair Complext consisting of rice proteins, a willow derivative, BIO argan oil and lypophylic fruit acids.


Apply to wet hair and massage gently. Repeat as necessary.

More about the brand:

Biokap is a hair cosmetics brand made in Italy by Biosline, a family-owned company that has been on the market for 30 years and is one of the TOP 3 organic hair color manufacturers in Italy. These are high-quality products inspired by the richness of nature and developed in cooperation with leading Italian universities. Cultivation, collection and subsequent processing are subject to a certified control system.

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