Bionorica Mastodynon drops 50 ml -

Bionorica Mastodynon drops 50 ml


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Mastodynone is used to treat premenstrual syndrome with symptoms of breast pain and tension, mental imbalances and headaches in women of childbearing potential.

Detailed product information

Mastodynone affects the hormonal system in particular by lowering the prolactin level, a hormone that is primarily active on the mammary gland. It contains a combination of plant mother tinctures. Mastodynon is used in premenstrual syndrome that is manifested by pain, tension or increased breast tenderness, mental imbalance, constipation, swelling and headache, or migraine shortly before menstrual bleeding. Mastodynon drops are for women of fertile (fertile) age.

How is Mastodynon used:

Adults and adolescents from 14 years of age use 30 drops twice a day (morning and evening) for a continuous period of 3 months. If symptoms persist after 3 months, consult your doctor for further use. Mastodynon should not be used before the onset of regular menstruation in puberty.


The active ingredients are Agnus castus D 1 20.0 g, Caulophyllum thalictroides D 4 10.0 g, Cyclamen europaeum D 4 10.0 g, Strychnos ignatii D 6 10.0 g, Iris versicolor D 2 20.0 g, Lilium tigrinum D 3 10.0 g in 100 g drops. 1 ml = 0.9 g = 30 drops. The other ingredient is ethanol.


Mastodynon contains 53% ethanol. It is harmful to alcoholics. It should be considered in pregnant and breast-feeding women, children and high-risk groups such as patients with liver disease or epilepsy.

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