Biotrue eye lenses Flight Pack 2 x 60ml +2 cases + zip bag

Biotrue eye lenses Flight Pack 2 x 60ml +2 cases + zip bag


  • $46.50

Biotrue Flight is a contact lens solution that offers extremely effective disinfection. It is the only solution that combines three bio-inspired innovations: its pH is the same as that of healthy tears, using a lubricant that naturally occurs in the eyes and preserves the activity of some beneficial proteins that are present in tears.
It helps to hydrate the eyes and brings them relief when wearing contact lenses, as flying at altitudes can leave your eyes feeling dry. It maintains, cleans, removes proteins, disinfects, rinses, stores. Suitable for soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogel lenses.
Package includes 2x Biotrue Solution, 2x lens case, 1x regular lens care.

Dosage and method of use

After removing the contact lenses, rinse them with Biotrue solution, gently rub and place in a case filled with fresh solution and close the case.
Leave the lenses in the case for 4 hours for proper disinfection.

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