Biotter BoboScan contact less infrared thermometer -

Biotter BoboScan contact less infrared thermometer


  • $64.50

If you require a modern device with interesting features, you must not miss the BoboScan proximity Infrared Thermometer. 

The main advantage of this model is its incredible speed. In just 1 second, the result is displayed on the clear display. You can forget about waiting for several minutes.

Revolution in temperature measurement

Because the thermometer is non-contact and measured over a distance of 3-5 cm, the use of the thermometer itself is far more hygienic compared to conventional thermometers. 

If you have a fever, an alarm will sound to indicate that the situation needs to be addressed. Another advantage of the thermometer is its multifunctionality - you need not only use it to measure the temperature of the human body, but also to determine the temperature of fluids or the environment. In addition to batteries, a practical plastic case for thermometer protection is included.

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