Biotter WW-Jet 3000 dental irrigator cleaner


  • $82.50

WW-Jet has created a dental shower, which is an important accessory for thorough oral hygiene. Unlike conventional toothbrushes, with the help of a targeted strong stream of water, the shower also gets into hard-to-reach interdental spaces that you would not have a chance to clean with a conventional manual brush. The result is beautiful and healthy teeth and gums without plaque and tooth decay. Working with the oral shower is fast, intuitive and painless, and you will feel and see the results after just a few days of use.

Cleaning of dental implants

People of all ages will benefit from the shower. It only uses a stream of water to clean its teeth, so it is also suitable for people with sensitive teeth and gums. It is perfectly suited for thorough cleaning of close-fitting teeth, which do not fit a special interdental brush. It will equally serve users with braces, bridges or implants. Removes food residues as well as bacteria and other microorganisms that cause tartar.

Package contents

• mouth shower 
• 2 nozzles 
• charger 
• instructions for use

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