Bioveta Caniverm mite 0.175 g 6 tablets

Bioveta Caniverm mite 0.175 g 6 tablets


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Deworming tablets  for dogs and cats  with fish flavor. Bioveta Caniverm mite 0.175 g treats diseases caused by  nematodes and tapeworms . It is suitable for cats + small breeds of dogs. It can be used  in puppies and kittens  according to their weight. The oval tablets are scored to  facilitate dosing .

What parasites is Caniverm mite effective on?

The veterinary medicinal product Caniverm mite acts on parasites in felines and canines:  Toxocara canis, Toxocara cati, Toxascaris leonina, Uncinaria stenocephala, Ancylostoma caninum, Trichuris vuplis, Echinoccus granulosus, Echinocccus multilocularis, Taquepspium mesepsicides,  Dipylidium  canis  . .

Main features:

  • treats diseases caused by nematodes and tapeworms
  • designed for regular deworming of cats and dogs
  • suitable for  small breeds , including young
  • scored tablets for  easy dosing
  • for administration to the feed or directly into the mouth
  • with fish flavor


Cats, small breeds of dogs + puppies: 1 tablet 0.175 g per 0.5-2 kg live weight. 2 tablets 0.175 g per 2-5 kg ​​body weight. The dose is given as a single dose. You can offer it to the animal alone  or wrapped  in a piece of food . Do not serve with dairy food. In zoos, circuses and the like, it is recommended to mix the crushed tablets according to the weight of the beast into a meatball and distribute them in the aviary according to the number of animals before morning feeding.

Deworming of young

For pups, it is recommended to deworm from the 3rd to the 12th week of age once at intervals of 3 weeks and then regularly every 3 months.


1 tableta obsahuje: Fenbendazolum 37,5 mg, Pyranteli embonas 36,0 mg, Praziquantelum 12,5 mg.


Do not administer concurrently with piperazine-based preparations or other antiparasitic agents. Dosage should be strictly adhered to in pregnant bitches  . Wash your hands after handling the product.

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