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Caffit Energy Booster 20 tablets


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Caffit is a tablet that, in addition to caffeine, contains an extract of eleuterococcus, which increases activity and in combination with caffeine helps to effectively delay fatigue. 

The effectiveness of the preparation is underlined by vitamins B, vitamin C, E, provitamin A, minerals magnesium and zinc. Thanks to the addition of cream and simple sugars, it does not irritate the stomach. It has a pleasant taste and can be used by individuals who do not drink coffee due to digestive problems. 

CAFFIT, containing eleutherococcus, is therefore valuable for drivers, managers and as a preparation to sharpen the perception and delay of night fatigue for students and people with high mental stress. 

quickly eliminates fatigue, drowsiness, distraction and reduced ability to react quickly 
restores energy 
prevents micro-sleep
it does not irritate the stomach, is addictive 
acting fast  

not suitable for persons sensitive to caffeine, persons with lactose intolerance, pregnant women and children under 12 years  

recommended daily dose is completely individual, but for adults up to 15 tablets. 

The most effective effect is achieved by dissolving the tablets in the mouth, but it is also possible to swallow or chew the tablets. In the range of 10 minutes to half an hour, you can return to your urgent work and be able to work for a few more hours.

It is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of reach of children! 

60 tablets in a plastic container 

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