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Caltrate Plus 90 tablets vitamins


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Caltrate Plus is a combined preparation of calcium, vitamin D and other important minerals to reduce calcium deficiency, increase bone density and prevent bone loss.

Detailed product information

Caltrate Plus is a combined product containing calcium, vitamin D and another 5 minerals important for bone. Caltrate Plus film-coated tablets are used in the absence of calcium, to prevent bone loss, to increase bone density and to prevent osteoporosis (bone thinning). Caltrate Plus is designed for adults and adolescents from 12 years of age. 

How to use Caltrate Plus:

Adults and adolescents from 12 years of age use 1-2 tablets a day. Without consulting a doctor, Caltrate Plus can be taken for up to 4 weeks.


The active substances are colecalciferol 2.8 mg (corresponding to vitamin D3 200 IU), calcium carbonate 1512.82 mg (corresponding to calcium 600 mg), magnesium oxide 66.31 mg (corresponding to magnesium 40 mg), zinc oxide 9.33 mg zinc 7.5 mg), cupric oxide 1.25 mg (corresponding to cuprum 1 mg), manganosulfas monohydrate 5.54 mg (equivalent to manganese 1.8 mg), tetraborate decahydricus sodium 2.23 mg (corresponding to boron 0.25 mg ).


Caltrate Plus contains sucrose. It is necessary to take into account the intolerance of some sugars. It also contains aluminum varnish varnish red allura AC (E129) and aluminum lacquer orange yellow (E110), which can cause allergic reactions. Caltrate Plus also contains partially hydrogenated soybean oil, so if you are allergic to peanut or soy, do not use this medicine.

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